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Promote your music to appear on all the iTunes top charts all over the world! Just ordering downloads you'll be able to push your music to the first page of the iTunes Store. Your music will be downloaded from hundreds of users from different parts of your selected country with different IPs, providing you a safe promotion service.

If you are interested in getting the top 1 position in a specific country, contact us for a custom quote. We'll calculate how many plays you need and we'll promote your music to the top position, guarantee!

iTunes Top Charts

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iTunes Top Charts

iTunes Store has become the largest music vendor in the world since 2012. It has sold more than 40 billion songs to date, with a catalogue containing more than 43 million songs. Right now it’s music charts are one of the most famous music charts around the globe, providing a natural advertising platform to thousands of potential listeners.

Reach your audience

While most of online music promotion tools will generate virtual reputation, this service is intended to directly impact on the organic discovery of your music. The promoted music will also be shown in all the music charts that collect information about iTunes Top Charts, boosting the exposure not only to the potential audience, but major music distributors, discographies and music producers.

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Estimated downloads

Needed downloads to reach the top 3:

  • 1200 daily downloads
    • United States (US)
  • 600 daily downloads
    • France
    • Germany
    • Spain
    • United Kingdom (UK)
  • 300 daily downloads
    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Italy
    • Canada
    • United Arab Emirates

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    Great offer! Being on the iTunes charts can boost a bands career and you guys got the right service! Keep it up!

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